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How to make faq on tumblr

often, people ask me how to improve their art, and there's a lot of ways to go about learning different things, but here's something that i always tell myself: my art. Tutorial: How to make a F.A.Q. page with an Ask box! A FAQ page lists the tumblr asks you usually get and the answers you're tired of. How to add an ask box to your FAQ page / How to make a custom ask page. OR TO ANY OTHER PAGE IN GENERAL. last updated: jul Make sure your.

how to make a rules page on tumblr

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) What made you come up with this blog idea? Well Why do your posts keep coming up on my dash as sensitive media?. FAQ FAQS: ARTWORK RELATED: What software do you use to draw your doodles? i use Paint SAI -What size brushes do you use? i use mainly 5, 4, 6 for. Click the toggle next to Show a link to this page, which is located at the top of the page and then click Save to create the page and add it to your Tumblr blog.

How to Create a Custom Page on Tumblr. This wikiHow teaches you how to create and customize an additional page for your Tumblr blog. How to make a faq page with an askbox I know to a lot of people this may seem trivial but this tutorial will be helpful for new users. Difficulty. How do I submit my themes? You can submit your themes via the submit page. Please only submit a link to a post on your blog rather than the screencap and.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Do you follow back? • Nope, sorry. this is secondary blog and it doesn't allow it to follow or follow back. Why you reply. FAQ means (stands for) Frequently Asked Questions. Here are some of our most popular Help Center articles: Resetting your password Managing your email address Changing your username / URL.

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How to make an /ask page redirect to a faq page I have seen this around lately and thought you guys might be interested in how to do it. tags generated by tumblr's API. this is my entry for @codingcabin's coding awards. How to add an ask box to your FAQ page / How to make a custom ask page. a- pocketful: “ OR TO ANY OTHER PAGE IN GENERAL last. INDEX THEMES & PAGES FAQ MESSAGE MORE Can you make a theme featuring. Do you make custom themes or forum layouts / take commissions?. How to add a faq + ask in a popup box Preview: • First, follow this tutorial to how to put a popup box, if you already had them, just follow this tutorial • Paste this. F.A.Q. Next, if your question if NOT answered here, more important if you have an Before i actually properly start I want to add that NO I DO NOT APPRECIATE. How to access the FAQ on mobile “I'm on mobile so I can't get to the FAQ.” “ There's no link for the FAQ on mobile.” Yes! You can get to the FAQ really easily. frequently asked questions table of contents (hit ctrl+f and find your keyword to locate the section easier): i. terminology ii: general questions iii. memories iv. do's . FAQ Sign up for a free account at StatCounter and follow the steps to create your first project and generate your StatCounter code. If prompted, make sure to choose Tumblr from the list of Installation Guides. Copy the StatCounter code. ASK - FAQ - WWC is serious when we say that Q's exhibiting lack of reviewing and following “How do I denote the race of my characters in a fantasy setting?. FAQ • What programs/gear/brushes do you use? Illustration: Photoshop CS Animation: Photoshop CS, Adobe Flash, After Effects, Toon Boom, TV Paint.

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