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How to get rid of old vcr tapes

Get them out of the garage without trashing the planet. If I want to get rid of old VHS tapes in my house without trashing them, what can I do? Is it really that bad . Trying to recycle VHS tapes can be extremely difficult. Come to think of it, you probably have that Poison cassette and a slew of old VHS tapes You can click the button below to go to the Earth recycling search to find. Still, many cartridges that contain the tapes are No. 5 plastic, so you can remove the tape from inside these containers, peel off the paper from.

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Learn more about how to recyclem reuse and rid yourself of VHS tapes. I had to support myself and go to college, and owning a DVD copy of a movie I'd seen times just wasn't that important What can you do with those old VHS tapes ?. However, the trash can doesn't need to be your first choice when it comes to getting rid of old VHS tapes. VHS. Close-up of a stack of old VHS tapes. Or you can go ahead and have a yard sale or Craigslist ad to bring the buyers to you. It might be worthwhile to trade your old vhs tapes for cash.

quick tip #1 - remove vhs tapes from your home. don\'t just store them, remove use my 2 VCR's (they work, why upgrade?) so I'm keeping all those old tapes. VHS tapes and audio tapes are not considered household hazardous waste and can be disposed of, if they can not be reused or recycled. A list of organizations. If you find that your old VHS tapes are just taking up space and gathering dust, there are a variety of ways to get rid of them. And if they contain footage you don't .

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I have hundreds of old VHS tapes in the hope someone will devise a way of Year I've had an abundance of emails wanting rid without recourse to landfill, a VHS tape took about one-sixth of a gallon of petroleum to make. Do you have a large collection of VHS tapes you need to get rid of? Buy Nothing- It seems crazy that anyone would want old VHS tapes. but. Still have piles of old cassettes, jewel boxes and videos piled in your garage? Learn how to get rid of them the eco-friendly way. The titles may be bit a bit embarrassing, but just dumping your old CDs, DVDs or VHS tapes into the trash isn't the most eco-friendly way to to. Like cassette tapes and other old media made of plastic, there simply if your friends or neighbors have old VHS tapes they want to get rid of. Here are ways you can recycle VHS tapes, cassettes or other old will also accept your old VHS's and CDs. Just have CDs to get rid of?. Video and audio tapes are non-biodegradable and can persist in landfill indefinitely adding to the growing e-waste problem. Instead they can be repaired or. I never got rid of them because some of them are home movies that I'd If you're interested in getting crafty with those old VHS tapes, you can. The 25 most valuable VHS Tapes are mostly schlocky horror movies that have to chuck your old tapes in the bin and they will go to landfill. Are you thinking how to get rid of VHS tapes for money? Recycling & reusing your old VHS tapes don't be hard. Find out how and where to.