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How to say 11 55 in spanish

Translate See authoritative translations of in Spanish with audio pronunciations. See authoritative translations of pm in English with audio pronunciations. Translation ' am' in our machine translators We've combined the most accurate English to Spanish translations , dictionary, verb conjugations, and.

time in spanish

Translate It is See Spanish- English translations with audio pronunciations, examples, and word-by- word explanations. Spanish Translator. Quick and. Translate See Spanish-English translations with audio pronunciations. tell time in spanish? its soo confusing.. and i have a test tomorrow on it.. im screwed.. how do you example. Son las doce menos cinco (five till).

It's important to be able to ask and tell the time in Spanish. To add minutes to the hour, just say y (and) and the number of minutes: [] Son lasdiezmenosdiez. [] Es la unamenosveinticinco. [] (Careful - the next hour is [] menoscuarto= quarter `til. Son las dos menoscuarto[] enpunto= on the dot. Spanish numbers are easy with these simple tricks for memorising them (with fast recall). uno, 11 once, 21 veintiuno, 31 treinta y uno, 41 cuarenta y uno, 51 cincuenta y uno, 61 sesenta y uno, 71 cuarenta y cinco, 55 cincuenta y cinco For numbers from , take the rightmost digit and say “diez + y + (digit)”. E.g. No two verbs cause as much trouble for Spanish learners as the verbs ser & estar . the formal way of telling time when referring to the left side of the clock (, , , etc.) When we say we are referring to the last hour that was passed on the clock (4 was the PM = hours, PM = hours .

Learn to tell the time in different varieties of Spanish with this handy guide, including pronunciation advice! 55, cincuenta y cinco, theen-'kwehn-tah ee ' theen-koh To say that it's quarter past the hour, we add “y cuarto” (ee 'kwahr- toh), Son las cuatro y cincuenta y nueve. It's Son las seis y once. There is no Spanish translation for the word o'clock, so instead they use Son las , but for 1 o'clock they use Es la. If you want to say it's Regardless of which Spanish-speaking country you're in, a conversation about time usually starts , las doce menos cinco or las once y cincuenta y cinco.

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What time is it?: free exercise to learn Spanish. Son las once menos diez Son las once menos cinco Son las once en punto. Twitter Share. Learn how to tell time in Spanish with complete instructions and more than two (It is ) (It's p.m. It is 5 before 4 in the afternoon.). / / / / / / thanks for For x you can say a quarter till and for x you can say a quarter past x. It's Just remember one exception: if you're indicating that it's the half hour, then don't say treinta (thirty) but say media (half) instead. 19% (6/31) 21% (4/19) % (11/11) 91% (10/11) approach, we can say that 90% 96% % (8/11) (85/94) (53/55) (4/4) English in response to Spanish. But, what about the numbers from 11 to 29? There are specific numerals for them, so you'll need to learn them by heart. Don't worry though, you'll notice some. These 50 essential Spanish verbs are key to speaking and understanding the language at all. Learn these, and you'll be Querer. Meaning: To love, to want. Quiero comer. (I want to eat.) Yo te quiero Meaning: To say. Mi profesora dice. Learn the Spanish numbers , practice their pronunciation with our oral exercises, then take a free quiz to test what you learned. This content downloaded from on Sun, 07 Jul UTC . teachers have followed the wrong path, pronounce Spanish badly. In English, we say the minutes before the hours and we use a preposition in the middle. Ex: It is 10 It's eleven fifteen. It's = It's. a quarter.