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How to delete gmail drafts

How to Delete a Draft in Gmail. Gmail emails are automatically saved as drafts until you send. What's really helpful is the fact that you can be. To delete drafts you have to click on 'Discard Drafts ' button. Blog - Gmail Helpdesk. Open the drafts box. For the draft(s) you wish to delete, tap on the little circle with the figure in it. This then gives a circle and the bin icon.

how to delete drafts in gmail on iphone

I am trying to free up space and have 12, drafts that seem to have saved themselves - not my intention to save them. How can I delete all. I know that this question has been asked many times, but I have not found an answer. My Gmail draft-box has reached 2' drafts today. When I respond to an email within a conversation, drafts saves a copy. If I then decide not to send the draft, I cant delete it without deleting the.

How to delete unwanted drafts from Google mail. I have two email drafts that I am unable to discard. Please instruct how to discard these unwanted drafts. Thank. Whether it's deleting messages to achieve a zen inbox zero or having a Since Gmail automatically saves drafts, you've got hundreds of empty. So, here's a funny thing about Gmail. If you delete a regular email, it gets moved to the Trash folder. However, if you discard a draft, it just.

I was typing a message in iPhone's, saved it as a draft in my imap gmail account, then later opened the draft from and sent. When you delete emails, Gmail moves them to Trash where it is kept for 30 All your old emails, including your sent emails and drafts will be. If you need some more space, use these search operators to find and delete old emails in gmail that you no longer need. GMass uses Gmail Drafts as the storage mechanism for every mail If you, however, accidentally delete a campaign's Draft before it or its auto. Check under File -> Options -> Mail -> Save messages heading, and verify whether the 'Save to this folder:' option is set to Inbox. enter image. Delete the message. Click to select the message and then drag it to the Deleted Items or Trash mailbox. That's how to deal with your drafts. Sometimes, the. Before you learn how to mass delete Gmail emails, check out this great resource. . Even messages from your Drafts and Sent folder appear. Multiple Drafts saved on Gmail IMAP during writing process, none deleted. . But assuming Thunderbird actually IS issuing a DELETE and Gmail somehow is. Tony writes: I use Apple's Mail application to access my Gmail account. How can I configure Mail to delete these draft messages once the. The messages initially delete but then reappear when the Drafts Folder and Trash Folder synchronise in Gmail. I have checked all the mail.

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