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How to shut off iphone 4s

How to Turn off an iPhone. This wikiHow teaches you how to power off your iPhone. Press the volume up button, then press the volume down. A simple restart will force the phone and its applications to reboot. If restarting your iPhone is not possible, use the reset process to reboot your phone. Hold down the On/Off button at the top of your iPhone for three seconds, until the red slider appears along the top of the. I can't turn off my iPhone 4s. I go through the nornal process (holding down the power button) and it appears to shut down, but as soon as I hit.

how to turn off iphone without screen

Before you can turn on your phone, you need to insert your SIM into your phone. It turns out that you can lock an iPhone or power it off without touching the power button when you enable AssistiveTouch in the Accessibility. The button at the top of my iPhone 4s, commonly known as the lock button, power button, sleep button or off button, is broken. It doesn't click at.

Turning your iPhone off is especially helpful if the battery is critically low. Another reason to shut a phone off is if it's performing strangely; rebooting is often a fix. This is most often caused by short circuit of the charging port. Clean the charging port very well with toothbrush, Isopropyl Alcohol, lint free cloth. Here's how to enable or disable iPhone 4 apps running in the background to check for new content.

Hi Everyone: Does anyone know how to turn off passcode on an IPhone 4S? I am tired of having to type in a pass code everytime I want to. Ever since last week I've had a really annoying issue with my iPhone 4S. When I turn it off, it immediately turns right back on. I usually always. These Apple iPhone battery tips and tricks will help get you through the No, you don't have to disable everything; many individual features.

how to turn off iphone 6 without touch screen

There is a way to make home button not to work wheb the home is lock. First activate Siri setting >General> Siri > ON Then If iphone 5s (may be it work in iphone. How to Fix Common iPhone Problems. Frozen iPhone Screen. If your iPhone's screen becomes unresponsive or frozen, your best bet is to power the phone off . The question does not give full details but I tried my best! There are a few things that come to mind. Your iPhone's setup makes a big difference. Hi - recently discovered that as soon as I turn off my iPhone 4s within a couple of seconds, the white apple logo appears and the phone starts. Your iPhone won't turn off and you're not sure why it's happening. Maybe you're trying to disconnect from the outside world for a few minutes. To avoid unwanted roaming charges, you can turn off data roaming. You can also turn off data services altogether. This way, your Apple iPhone 4 will only. Apple explains how to turn off and reset the iPhone in the manual for each model (on page 52 for How do I replace the battery in the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S?. This article helps troubleshoot your Apple iPhone 4s slowing, freezing, or turning off unexpectedly. You may have performance issues if your. Turning the Ringer Off If you don't want to hear your iPhone's ringer at all, tap on the Settings app. In the Settings screen, tap on Sounds, then - Selection from. An iPhone's Auto-Lock feature automatically turns off the device's display, also known as the backlight, after a set period of inactivity. If the feature's Never option .

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