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How to insert micro sim in iphone 4s

How to install a Micro SIM card in iPhone 4S (Video mp4 - Bluray format). Insert the SIM removal tool (included in the box the phone came in) and push to eject the SIM tray. Illustration of this step. Inserting SIM Card in iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. The standard size of a mobile SIM card is 25×15 mm, but the Apple iPhone4 and iPhone 4S uses the Micro SIM.

iphone 4s sim card

Apple® iPhone® 4s - Remove SIM Card. Instructions on inserting/removing your SIM can help with activation issues/errors, browser connection problems and a. iPhone 5 and up use a Nano SIM (mm x mm). iPhone 4 and 4S use a Micro SIM. How to use a Nano SIM in the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S the new Nano SIM is when compared to the already diminutive Micro SIM it replaces.

To pop open the SIM tray, insert a paper clip or a SIM-eject tool into the hole beside iPhone 5c; iPhone 5; iPhone 4s; iPhone 4 (GSM model). To learn which SIM card your iPhone or Wi-Fi + Cellular model iPad uses, find Micro-SIM card. Micro-SIM card. iPhone. iPhone 4s; iPhone 4. NO. Since iPhone 5, user requires to use nano sim instead of micro sim. So you need to replace your sim card as well.

None of the iPhone released till date do have never supported the slot to insert an SD card. But there are indirect way of doing so as there are. 10/1/ · In this video I will be showing you how to insert your sim card into your iPhone 5, iPhone 4s or iPhone 4. The iPhone 4 and 4s use micro sim and the. A Micro SIM card is used in the Apple iPhone 4S which is 15mm long by 12mm wide. A SIM card adapter (or SIM card converter) allows you to insert a smaller . The iPhone 4 and 4S use a Micro SIM. Insert a straightened paperclip or SIM eject tool. Insert the. Results 1 - 28 of 28 Micro Sim Card Tray for Apple iPhone 4 / 4S 3 Sim Eject Tools for iPhone Gently insert Apples SIM card removal tool or a straightened Buy. If you're lucky enough to have bagged an iPhone 5 and are wondering how to squeeze your current SIM card or micro-SIM into that teeny-tiny. How to access the iPhone SIM card, which iPhone models have Mini, Micro and Nano SIM cards and how to upgrade from an old iPhone to a. 10/14/ · In this simple tutorial, I will show you how to remove or insert a Micro SIM card on the iPhone 4S. The iPhone 4S only takes Micro SIM cards, NOT. If it uses micro-SIM, you will only be able to use an iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s. If it uses the old-fashioned mini-SIM (or “full-size” SIM), you'll only be able to use an. The iPhone SE has a Nano SIM card (4FF). Apple first utilized the Nano SIM form factor in the iPhone 5. Previously the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s used a Micro.