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How to invite a friend on fantage

Invite a friend to Fantage! On the lower left corner of your screen, there is Invite a Friend icon. Invite two of your friends to join Fantage. What: Invite a friend to play Fantage, if they play for more than an hour you will be credited. If they get membership/eCoins you will gain levels. What: Invite a friend to play Fantage, if they play for more than an hour you will be credited. If they get membership/eCoins you will gain levels. You may have.

You may have noticed the friends invite on your or other's IDFones. Inviting friends to Fantage is an easy way to level up and earn eCoins. Invite-a-Friend. Friends can sometimes go against other friends, and you may be stuck in the middle. Friend Invite. how to invite a friend on fantage. Is thar a way. 1. Click on your IDfone Next to the E-coin icon, there is another icon that says Invite a Friend

How to let your friends earn Ecoins from your invite: Sign up a new account on Fantage to start playing., Choose your avatar (you can edit your clothes later). You required to go to Brazil and buy a dog called Mat, take it to the US and sacriface it to The god Dave. Once you have completed this task buy a house in Jam. I did the cheat by sending the invite to my email and I played with the user for a hour and I didn't level up! I even logged the user in to see if that.

By more levels gets more expensive for a higher Fantage title rookie = Some times Fantage updates the invite a friend and add a medal, your new player. For every friend you invite now, you can get ecoins and a t-shirt! But only if your friend plays for at least 1 hour! Bascially, you can make a. Come On and Invite Your Friends To Fantage! Just Type In There E-Mail And Then Click Send!.

Invite people on Fantage: Invite your friends family etc! Let them play on for at least an hour and you can get ecoins! Daily Spin: I do daily spin every day and. Invite friends to Fantage and have them play for 1 hour to level up your Invite a Friend Medal! If they become premium members, you level up. Posts about fantage invite a friend written by jessika. Invite friends to join Fantage to level up and get cool new medals. If you invite 24 friends to join, you will receive 24 medal levels. When those. New items at le shop and stellar the premium member (monthly) item downtown or a friend medal: invite friendz and. Fantagelove Rox Sub my YouTube plz fantageloverox .. Med Med Fantage Im going to invite friends soo you can get likes!. Invite your friends to Dropbox to earn extra storage. Send a Dropbox referral via email and, once they install and verify, you'll receive bonus space. Super secret don␙t free website with a friend. Ok, so i wizard, fantage, club penguin and possibly your invite. Downloads just figured out how premium boy. It is in the top right corner of the Fantage screen. The icon says Mini When you invite at least 17(?) members, your medal with reach Level Invite a Friend. Go on your IDFone and click the eCoin. See if there are any more ads. Invite friends. When they play for an hour, you get eCoins! You can do this 20 times .

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